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Eintrag von Yvonne Oschegger-Venaas am 30.08.2005 20:04:28
Dear Herta

I was signing your guestbook and quite quickly it disappeared. I don´t think i was able to submit what i wrote. :o( I was telling you I appreciate how you are preserving the Slovene Language and lifestyle. I enjoy your website. Dad was born in Matschach and spoke with the Slovene dialect. I enjoyed hearing him speak, I was always so proud of my dad and his language, the story´s he had to tell us as children. Dad has passed on now. He played a game in Oberkrajach, called Boellerschiesser. His team picture is on the Boellerschiesser website. The team picture was taken in 1925, dad is in the front row kneeling as you look at the picture to your left. that is my dad, Pep Oschegger. His name is Josef. but they called him Pep. I have one Aunt left, she is dad´s younger sister, she will be 86 this Sept 1st. She has a little Slovene dialect, but she was 9 years old when she came to the USA. Her dialect was not as strong as my dad, he came over age 20. I try to navigate around your website and click on English, so I can understand the information. I however cannot speak the language.
Thank you again Herta for all your dedicated work in preserving the Slovene lifestyle and language. :o)
Best Wishes
Yvonne Oschegger-Venaas
Eintrag von Josef Kurpicz am 11.08.2005 11:51:33
Homepage: www.economic-team.de
Viel Spaß mit Deinen neuen Seiten.
Gruß Josef
Eintrag von Björn Göbel am 11.08.2005 11:48:22
Homepage: http://www.fluidsworld.de
Liebe Herta,

wünsche Dir alles Gute zum Start Deiner neuen Homepage.

Viele Grüße